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Yess ETR-V Chain Tensioner

Yess Vertical Chain Tensioner - ETR/V

The ETR/V chain tensioner is designed especially for converting bikes with vertical dropouts into a single speed. Meant for people who like to simplify their bikes by eliminating all excess gears and deraillers, the ETR/V does what other single speed chain tensioners attempt to do. The vertical tensioner is installed on the derailleur hanger.

We combined the best of both worlds by leveraging some of the best features from our other chain tensioner designs for the BMX. We made sure that it can be adjusted in multiple positions. It can be solidly fastened to the hanger at two spots : the axle and derailleur mount. It utilizes spring holes at different locations to adjust the tension of the pulley arm. Also there is a pulley adjustment for the chain line. Once in line with the chain, it is fastened with a set screw.


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ETR-V Black

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