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Velo Plush 6142 Relaxed Female Saddle

The Plush series offers the perfect saddle for everyone. Urban and entry-level cyclists especially need a high quality saddle they can rely on. Plush saddles are engineered to meet a rider's preferred riding position - Relaxed, Inclined and Aero - and designed to meet the particular needs of recreational cyclists, who require a comfortable saddle in order to enjoy cycling.

This item is belongs to Relaxed Series, recreational riders sit on their bottoms a lot more and demand a softer, more cushioned ride for comfort. This Plush saddle is designed for maximum down force on rear, so a wider seat = ultimate comfort, this seat also allow legs move easily for recreational riding speed

Double Density Base: The base is made from two different densities. A light base features soft inserts. This provides you a firm saddle yet at the same time the softer inserts absorb pressure from bumps to give you a totally comfortable ride.

Elastomer Suspension: The Plush Elastomer suspension absorbs the shock from bumps. The steel rail provides firmness, while the Elastomer dampens unpleasant shocks.

Arctech Suspension: The base provides superior support, because it allows the body to flex together with the seat, thanks to a patented ArcTech suspension. This suspension design with space here allows more flex and better shock absorption.

  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 467 g
  • Size: 262x198 mm
  • Price Stock


       GBP21.99   GBP21.99 

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