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High5 Isotonic

Isotonic - 2:1 fructose energy drink formulated for training & racing in very hot conditions.

Isotonic is a similar high performance formulation to EnergySource with 2:1 fructose. In very hot conditions, some athletes prefer a drink with a lower carbohydrate concentration. Isotonic is designed to be mixed at 4% to 6% carbohydrate concentration, whereas EnergySource is designed to be mixed at 7% to 10%.

Key Features:

  •     Fast carbohydrate absorption ~ 90g per hour
  •     Fast hydration
  •     High in key electrolytes
  •     Exceptionally easy on the stomach
  •     Light and refreshing natural fruit flavours
  •     With natural flavours. No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners


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2.2 kg Tub - Citrus

     GBP25.99   GBP25.99 

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