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Early Rider Alley Runner 12 Early Rider Alley Runner 12"
The youngest sibling to our infamous Belter 16. Super lightweight, narrow gauge aluminium tubing, a removable sterring limiter supports the novice rider and the more experienced alike. An industry leading 3.1kgs total build weight and,...
Alley Runner 12"
 GBP129.99   GBP129.99 
Early Rider Lite Natural Early Rider Lite Natural
Beautiful solid birch wooden balance bike. At only 3.2kgs, this bike is super lightweight and easy for the younger or less physical kids to manage. A more upright head tube angle, shortish wheel base and slimmer tyre means that when the res...
Lite Natural 12"
 GBP99.99   GBP99.99 
Early Rider Road Runner Alloy Early Rider Road Runner Alloy
Not many balance bikes could carry off drop bars but with its diamond frame the Road Runner 14 does brilliantly. I just don't know why we didn't think of this before. We all know the sense of control and stability when you're on the dr...
Road Runner
 GBP149.99   GBP149.99 
Early Rider Spherovelo Mint Early Rider Spherovelo Mint
Meet the ‘Spherovelo', a unique push along ride on for 10-24 month olds. Even earlier with mum or dad's help. The Spherovelo is the world's first ride on to accelerate the development of young children by helping them make the connection between t...
 GBP79.99   GBP79.99 
 GBP79.99   GBP79.99 
 GBP79.99   GBP79.99 
Early Rider Trail Runner 14 Early Rider Trail Runner 14"
Our compact, hydroformed frameset, relaxed geometry, with rugged off road knobblies. Flat bar with 10 degrees sweep and marginally longer length for greater control. If you're going to hit the trails with your kid in tow, this is t...
Trail Runner 14"
 GBP149.99   GBP149.99 
Early Rider Trail Runner XL 14.5 Early Rider Trail Runner XL 14.5
A balance fat bike!! Why Not!! If this is wrong we don’t want to be right. The freedom to go through anything or over everything is a pretty good start to an adventurous life. Our lightest frameset keeps weight to a minimu...
Trail Runner XL 14.5"
 GBP149.99   GBP149.99 
Strider Sport 12 Strider Sport 12" Blance Bike
The 12 Sport Strider Balance Bike offers every feature a child (or parent) could want. It is the perfect balance of performance, options, and value, featuring more than 9 years of design evolution and manufacturing improvements. Featuri...
Sport 12 Orange
 GBP88.00   GBP88.00 
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