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Cleaning Multi-tools Puncture repair Shock Pumps Torque Wrench
Workshop Workstands
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Muc-Off Visor lens & Goggle Cleaner Muc-Off Visor lens & Goggle Cleaner
Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaner quickly and safely removes dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat and oily residue from all helmets, eye wear and goggles. Its been formulated using de-ionised water as recommended by many helmet manufacturers and it's saf...
Visor Lens & Goggle Cleaner
 GBP3.49   GBP3.49 
Lezyne Block Multi-tools Lezyne Block Multi-tools
Allen Block: Tool Bits: 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 8mm ALLEN & 2 2.5 3mm L-ALLEN WEIGHT:130g Multi-Block: Tire Lever open-end 10mm, Bottle Opener open-end 8mm, Disc brake wedge, 8mm ALLAN, Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers. ...
 GBP14.99   GBP14.24 
 GBP16.99   GBP16.14 
 GBP14.99   GBP14.24 
Syncros Composite 14CT Multi-tool Syncros Composite 14CT Multi-tool
The Composite 14CT provides you with fourteen trailside essentials plus a forged chain tool to get you out of most any mechanical mess all in a lightweight package of only 152 grams. Full list of tools - Hex 2/3/4/5/6/8, Torx T25, Screwdriver PH1/...
 GBP20.99   GBP20.99 
Syncros Multi-Tool Matchbox 8CT Syncros Multi-Tool Matchbox 8CT
The Matchbox 8CT is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of light weight trailside tools. It provides you with seven trailside essentials plus a forged chain tool in a lightweight design to get you out of most any mechanical mess.
 GBP24.99   GBP24.99 
Topeak Mini 18 + Topeak Mini 18 +
One piece lightweight folding tool. Hardened steel tools with 19 functions fold into an extruded alloy body. Includes: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Allen keys T25 Torx wrenchSpoke wrenches (15g/14g)Hard-anodised alloy tyre leverBottle openerCrMo ...
Mini 18 +
 GBP27.99   GBP27.99 
Lezyne CRV Multitools Lezyne CRV Multitools
CRV tools are functional, lightweight and durable, ideal for road-side or trail-side use. Forged aluminum side plates are lightweight and easy to use while wearing gloves. Chrome Vanadium bits and fastening hardware are durable and nickel plated. ...
 GBP25.99   GBP24.69 
 GBP29.99   GBP28.49 
Lezyne Stainless 12 Multitool Lezyne Stainless 12 Multitool
Beautifully made from forged cnc stainless steel and Al alloy - this could be a tool for life! Lezyne say :- Engineered durability and designed versatility are exemplified by the Stainless-series multi tools. Lightweight and stylish with hi...
Stainless 12
 GBP29.99   GBP28.49 
Stainless 12 - Blue
 GBP29.99   GBP28.49 
Topeak Mini 20 Pro Topeak Mini 20 Pro
Professional quality, one piece, light weight folding tool offering hardened steel tools with 20 functions. A forged aluminium body resists torque. Includes:  2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Allen keys T25 Torx wrenchSpoke wrenches (15g/14g/Mavic M7/...
 GBP31.99   GBP31.99 
Lezyne SV Multitools Lezyne SV Multitools
SV Tools are compact, low profile tools made with lightweight and durable materials. Featuring CNC-machined aluminum side plates, forged and CNC- machined aluminum chain breaker (9/10 speed chain: SV-10 only). Stainless steel bits and fastening ha...
 GBP34.99   GBP33.24 
 GBP17.99   GBP17.09 
Puncture repair
Raleigh Puncture Repair Kit Raleigh Puncture Repair Kit
Traditional tube repair kit. Comes in a convenient plastic container for easy storage. Supplied with: • Feather Edge patches & Glue • Crayon & Chalk • Sandpaper
Puncture Repair Kit
 GBP2.99   GBP2.99 
Raleigh Puncture Repair kits
Raleight PRK
 GBP2.99   GBP2.99 
Schwalbe Tyre Levers Schwalbe Tyre Levers
Blue x3
 GBP5.99   GBP5.99 
Hutchinson Fast'air Tubeless Canister Hutchinson Fast'air Tubeless Canister
Hutchinson Fast'air Tubeless spray repairs and reinflates your tire in only 90 seconds for punctures less than 1mm. Repairs tubeless tire by simply plugging the injector on the presta valve. Combines pressurized air with Hutchinson's own latex ...
Fast'air Tubeless Canister
 GBP8.99   GBP8.99 
Effetto inflate & repair cartridge kit Effetto inflate & repair cartridge kit
Innovative inflate & repair cartridge for road and mountain-bikes (works even with lenticular/road disk wheels!). Espresso is an inflate & repair cartridge for demanding cyclists and racers. As all Effetto Mariposa products, Espresso ...
 GBP16.99   GBP16.99 
Lezyne Sabre Tyre Lever/Pedal Wrench (Pair) Lezyne Sabre Tyre Lever/Pedal Wrench (Pair)
Versatile tool serves as a heavy-duty tire lever, 15mm pedal wrench, and bottle opener. CNC-machined and heat treated chromoly steel for a durable shop-quality tool portable enough for the trail. 165mm length provides added leverage ideal for toug...
 GBP15.99   GBP15.19 
 GBP22.99   GBP21.84 
Shock Pumps
Lezyne Shock Drive Lezyne Shock Drive
Quality shock pump with inflation hose for easy attachment, a precise water resistant pressure gauge and bleed button. Light, compact design, CNC machined aluminum construction 300psi Max Weighs 84g
Shock Drive
 GBP39.99   GBP37.99 
Torque Wrench
Ritchey Mutli Torque Key 5Nm Ritchey Mutli Torque Key 5Nm
Properly install your Ritchey bars and stems without fear of over-tightened bolts. The torque key is calibrated to with an indication you both feel and hear. Now available with interchangeable bits. Features: 5Nm version 5mm, 4mm and 3mm he...
Multi torque Key 5Nm
 GBP19.00   GBP19.00 
Halt 8mm Allen Key Halt 8mm Allen Key
Long allen key ideal for pedal removal. Plastic coated.
8mm Allen Key
 GBP3.99   GBP3.99 
Park Tool Chainring Nut Wrench Park Tool Chainring Nut Wrench
The Park Tool CNW-2 Chain ring Nut Wrench makes chain ring bolt installation and removal easy. It securely holds the slotted nut to prevent spinning when tightening or loosening the bolt. The double-ended design fits most slotted-type ch...
 GBP4.99   GBP4.99 
Spokey yellow - Japanese spokes Spokey yellow - Japanese spokes
Effective spoke wrench in a classic design Fits Japanese size spoke nipples (3.4 mm) Comfortable to use with its large round shape Easy to find in your tool box Steel insert grips on all four sides of the nipples surface

 GBP5.49   GBP5.49 
Spokey Pro Red - Euro / US spokes Spokey Pro Red - Euro / US spokes
Effective spoke wrench in a classic design Fits US and Euro size spoke nipples (3.25 mm) Comfortable to use with its large round shape Easy to find in your tool box Steel insert grips on all four sides of the nipples surface

 GBP6.99   GBP6.99 
Halt Chain Checker Halt Chain Checker
Nice easy to use chain wear indicator in a go - no go design. Guage determines less than 0.75% wear - which means the cahin does not need replacing. If the 0.75% indicator drops in, but the 1.0% side does not - then the chain is between 0.75 a...
Chain Checker
 GBP8.99   GBP8.99 
KMC Missing Link Tool KMC Missing Link Tool
Tool to open chain closing links. (Smartlink II) Compatible with BCH08/09/10 Smartlink II Chain Links
Closing Link Tool
 GBP8.99   GBP8.99 
Halt Chain Whip Halt Chain Whip
Chain whip to hold cassette to remove the cassette lock ring. Fits all cassettes.
Chain Whip
 GBP8.99   GBP8.99 
Halt Shimano Cassette Tool Halt Shimano Cassette Tool
Cassette lockring removal tool - 24mm Spanner or 1/2" rachet - ED black finish - Heat treated for strength - SHIMANO cassette compatible
Shimano Cassette Tool
 GBP8.99   GBP8.99 
Park Tool Pin Spanner Park Tool Pin Spanner
Park Tool's SPA-2 Pin Spanner is part of a range of versatile pin spanners. Tough high carbon steel will ensure a long life Vinyl coated handles give a good grip Each Pin Spanner is colour coded for easy and fast recognition...
SPA-2 Red
 GBP9.99   GBP9.99 
Park Tool Cone Spanner Park Tool Cone Spanner
Workshop quality cone spanners 19mm spanners areideal for adjusting American Classic axle nuts (you need 2 cone spanners to adjust the hubs in situ). Park say:-Industry standard cone wrenches with unmatched performance The Y-head design puts mat...
 GBP9.99   GBP9.99 
 GBP8.99   GBP8.99 
Halt Delux Chain Tool Halt Delux Chain Tool
Chain tool for cutting and joining 8, 9, 10spd chains - UG AND HG Compatible - Comfortable long grip handle - Coated top handle - Adjustable link tension plate - Adjustment support
Delux Chain Tool
 GBP10.99   GBP10.99 
Lezyne Chain Drive Lezyne Chain Drive
93g Shop quality, ergonomic chain tool Contoured chromoly body and drive screw 9/10 speed compatible Replaceable breaker pin, 1 spare included 4 spoke wrenches: 2x Mavic splined, 2x square sizes Silver
Chain Drive Tool
 GBP12.99   GBP12.99 
Cyclo Chainring Bolt Tool Cyclo Chainring Bolt Tool
Workshop tool to hold the back of chainring bolts, fits all chainring bolt nuts with a slot. Heavy rubberised handle makes it easy to use centring pin depresses on a spring
Chainring Bolt Tool
 GBP13.99   GBP13.99 
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