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Wippermann Connex 9SB Black Wippermann Connex 9SB Black
The Black Edition is made of the highest quality steel. The ultra black-coating on the plates ensures optimal corrosion protection. The long term wear resistance of pins is achieved through a unique XHB hardening. Its long service life and precise...
9SB Black
 GBP42.99   GBP42.99 
Women's Gridlock Overtrousers
Women's Gridlock Overtrousers
 GBP45.00   GBP45.00 
X Fusion HiLo 100/125 Seat Post X Fusion HiLo 100/125 Seat Post
Nice dropper post, all black and remote lever operated. Hydraulic design allows for smooth adjustability Double key-way design prevents lateral twisting Passes CEN testing for fatigue and impact Wide range of seatpost ang...
HiLo 100 27.2mm
 GBP199.99   GBP199.99 
XLC Mini Black Alloy V-Break
Shorter (85mm) arm V-brake for hybrid/fitness bikes. Made of high quality forged aluminium. 70mm long black brake pads. Can be universally used for the front wheel or rear wheel. Can also be used with road bike ...
 GBP8.49   GBP8.49 
YBN 10psd Nickel Chain
10spd nickel chain
 GBP23.99   GBP23.99 
YBN 8psd Nickel Chain
8spd nickel
 GBP12.00   GBP12.00 
Yess ETR-B Chain Tensioner Yess ETR-B Chain Tensioner
Bottom Bracket Chain Tensioner Yess say:- Yet another breakthrough conjured up in the Laboratories of Yess Products. The ETR/B does what no other chain tensioner can do. By applying the spring tension around the chain ring, it allows the rear ...
ETR-B Chain Tensioner
 GBP49.99   GBP49.99 
Yess ETR-V Chain Tensioner Yess ETR-V Chain Tensioner
Yess Vertical Chain Tensioner - ETR/V The ETR/V chain tensioner is designed especially for converting bikes with vertical dropouts into a single speed. Meant for people who like to simplify their bikes by eliminating all excess gears and dera...
ETR-V Black
 GBP49.99   GBP49.99 
Zipp 30 Course Wheels Zipp 30 Course Wheels
Light and stiff alloy aero wheels from Zipp. 18 Radial CX-Ray spokes in the front, 700g.  24 2-cross CX-Ray spokes in the rear, 870g.  Uses the new 77/177 hubset!! Zipp’s new 30 Course Clincher rim-brake wheelset puts you tête de la Course… the...
30 Course Rim Brake 11spd Shimano
 GBP445.00   GBP422.75 
30 Course Rim Brake Front Clincher
 GBP355.00   GBP337.25 
Zipp Disc Valve Adapter Zipp Disc Valve Adapter
A SILCA CP1 Disc Adapter from Zipp featuring a synthetic elastomer gasket with 2X the holding power and 5X wear resistance of traditional gasket materials.
Zipp Disc Valve Adapter
 GBP24.00   GBP24.00 
Zipp Service Course - 70 Ergo Zipp Service Course - 70 Ergo
ZIPP HANDLEBAR SERVICE COURSE-70ERGO 44CM C-C 31.8 BLAST BLACK                  When it comes to handlebars, tried and true aluminum remains the material of choice for many pros. In part, that s because their bikes have to meet a minimum weight re...
44cm - Blast Black
 GBP45.00   GBP45.00 
Zipp Service Course Ergo70 Bars Zipp Service Course Ergo70 Bars
Zipp’s Service Course lineup is all about providing options to match every rider with a high-performance, precise fitting bar. The Service Course-70 Ergo packs a powerful punch of everything you’d want in a bar – a design based o...
 GBP42.00   GBP42.00 
m:Part Junior pedals
Features: Quality Junior replacement pedals Run on bearings Designed for 14-20 inch bikes Black resin body 9/16 inch thread
Black - 14 - 20" wheel 9 / 16
 GBP7.99   GBP7.99 
schwalbe Airmax Pro Pressure Gauge schwalbe Airmax Pro Pressure Gauge
The digital pressure gauge is very precise, measuring pressures up to 11 bar and is suitable for both Auto and Presta valves. It will also function with Schwalbe’s ‘classic’ bicycle valve.
 GBP14.29   GBP14.29 
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