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High5 Energy Gel

EnergyGel - Natural real juice energy gel that’s not thick or sweet.

EnergyGel is smooth and light with a dash of real juice for a fresh natural taste. It’s not thick or overly sweet and it’s exceptionally easy on the stomach. Each sachet contains 23g of pure carbohydrate for instant energy. Easy to open and easy to swallow, EnergyGel has fuelled athletes in many of the World’s toughest competitions.

IsoGel, which High5 gel to choose? Both types of gel do fundamentally the same job. However, IsoGel has a consistency somewhere between a drink and a gel. This makes it slightly easier to swallow and you do not need to drink additional water with it. EnergyGel is less bulky and weighs less, which makes it easier to carry in larger quantities while running.


    Pure carbohydrate for instant energy
    Easy on the stomach
    Light & easy to carry, quick to open on the move
    EnergyGel is caffeine free (EnergyGel Plus contains caffeine)
    Proven in the World’s toughest events
    Fresh taste from real fruit juice
    No artificial colours or sweeteners


Price Stock

20 x 38 g sachets - Apple

     GBP18.99   GBP18.99 

    20 x 38 g sachets - Banana

       GBP18.99   GBP18.99 

      20 x 38 g sachets - Citrus

         GBP18.99   GBP18.99 

        20 x 38 g sachets - Orange

           GBP18.99   GBP18.99 

          20 x 38 g sachets - Summer Fruits

             GBP18.99   GBP18.99 

            25 x 60ml sachets Isogel - mixed

               GBP23.00   GBP23.00 

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