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Effetto inflate & repair cartridge kit

Innovative inflate & repair cartridge for road and mountain-bikes (works even with lenticular/road disk wheels!).

Espresso is an inflate & repair cartridge for demanding cyclists and racers. As all Effetto Mariposa products, Espresso carries some innovative and useful features:

  • Multi-purpose: Espresso is perfect for both road and off-road applications, fixing punctures on tube-type, tubeless and tubular tyres.
  • User-friendly: The flexible silicone tube of the nozzle fits directly on Presta valves, allowing the use of Espresso even with spokes close to the valve area or lenticular/road disk wheels (an exclusive feature!).
  • Minimalistic: The activation button has been eliminated. To use the cartridge, just push the brass nipple on the top of the cartridge in any direction to release sealant.
  • Clean: Thanks to a direct connection between the valve and cartridge, the special repairing foam (Caffelatex based) goes straight into the tyre, without leaks.
  • Fast: Less than one minute is needed to inflate and repair tyres with sizes ranging from 700x20c (20-622) up to 26x2.50 (62-559).
  • No Ammonia: Puncture-sealing action is ensured by ammonia-free Caffelatex sealant optimized for inflate and repair application. It is 100% tire, tube, and rim friendly.
  • Dosage: One Espresso cartridge for one tire. Presta valve only.
  • Pressure: Espresso can inflate a road tyre up to 5 bar and a mountain-bike tyre over 2 bar. It's possible to add more pressure after using Espresso cartridge.


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