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SRAM X0 Type 2 10 spd Rear Derailleur

The Sram X0 Type 2 rear mech has it all, with a cage lock making it easier to remove a rear wheel or replace a chain than any other mech available and a roller bearing clutch keeping the drivetrain stable even in the roughest of terrain.

Cage Lock - The first rear derailleur of its kind, SRAM TYPE 2 lets you push your cage forward and lock it into place with the push of a button. This creates slack, removing all tension from the chain. With Cage Lock, TYPE 2 makes wheel removal and installation—as well as chain installation—easier than any other derailleur on earth.

Exact Actuation - When we launched our road technology from scratch we reapplied our MTB proven SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio (shifter cable travel : derailleur movement) for 10 speed rear shifting. EA helps to simplify/stabilize the uneasy act of balancing rear derailleur hanger design, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension. The result: the easiest index shifting system to set up and it stays that way.

Roller Bearing Clutch - Designed for X0 and X9 families, TYPE 2 rear derailleur delivers maximum drivetrain stability—even through the most punishing technical terrain. With Roller Bearing Clutch™ technology, SRAM TYPE 2 eliminates derailleur bounce and chain slap without sacrificing precision.

  • Capacity: 36T
  • Weight: 235g
  • Price Stock

    Type2 Medium Cage Red

       GBP199.00   GBP199.00 

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