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Burgtec Cloud Saddle

Comfort was at the forefront of our mind when we
started the Cloud MK2 series. We wanted a saddle that offered comfort
and resilient support for week long Enduro events.

If we could make something that was lightweight this would be a 

bonus. Through development of the saddle we found the softer saddles
increased the pressure muscles and tendons and gave the most discomfort
on day long rides.

The Cloud MK2 offers a large firm area for your sit bones (ischial
tuberocity) to reside. This spreads body weight pressure more widely and
 is major component of the saddles comfort. In the centre of this is the
 relief groove. This is an equally important feature and offers
appeasement to the Pudendal artery by promoting blood flow and stopping
that numb feeling from unwanted nerve pressure.

The narrow width allows you to move your bike around between your
thighs easily when things get wild. Combine this with the dipped nose it
 minimizes the chances of your shorts getting hooked up in sticky

The same shape saddle is available regardless of your budget. CR-MO
rails for those looking for supreme value or full carbon for the weight
conscious. The Cloud MK2 is the perfect fusion of comfort and weight.
Ask anyone who’s ever used one.

Colours: Burgtec Black

Weight: CR-MO 270g, Titanium 235g, Carbon 198g

CR-MO rails - moulded plastic base £34.99

Titanium rails - carbon base £64.99

Carbon rails - carbon base £119.99

Price Stock

Cromo Rail

     GBP34.99   GBP34.99 

    Ti Rail

       GBP64.99   GBP64.99 

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