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Clee Cycles Workshop

Clee Cycles has a fully-equiped workshop and we are proud to offer the highest quality maintenance and repair service for all kinds of bicycles, including: road, mtb, hybrid, bmx, kids bikes and others. Please Contact Us for a free quotation.

Standard Service £70

Our Standard Service is designed to keep your bike running safely and smoothly, just as it should be. The Standard Service costs £60 (excluding parts) and includes:

  • Bike Clean and Inspection
  • Reset Brakes - advise if pad replacement is necessary
  • Gear cables cleaned and lubed, indexing reset
  • Check chain wear,  advise if replacement is necessary, lubricate
  • Check Bearings, adjust where necessary, advise if replacement is necessary.  Includes headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings
  • Check wheels for rim wear, spoke tension,  true if necessary, advise if a full wheel retension is necessary!
  • Tyre inspection, advise if replacement is necessary
  • General inspection and adjustment of all fitted components

 The standard service will put your bike in the best state that it can possibly be in - as good as new, or even better!   If any parts do need replacing we will ask you first!

Quick Service £50

Our Quick Service is a quick clean, safety check and set up of gears and brakes. It costs £30 (excluding parts) and includes:

  • Quick Bike Clean
  • General inspection and safety check
  • Reset brakes and gears

 The quick service will ensure your bike is safe to ride and working as it should! If any parts do need replacing we will ask you first!

We also offer a basic Kids Bike Service for the simpler, small bikes - £25.

Suspension Service

Clee Cycles can offer routine maintenance on suspension forks, shocks, and frame pivots:-

Standard Lowers Service - remove the fork lowers, clean, inspect, relube and reassembly. This is a very important bit of maintenance as it keeps your forks working properly and will help them last more than a few months!  The standard lowers service costs £30-40 (excluding parts). Seals may need replacing costing £25-45

Rockshox Remote Lockout Service - remove and repair the damper unit, check fluid level, reassemble, clean and lube lockout lever cable.  If your lock out does not return properly - it needs this repair to restore it to its original glory!  Costs £20 - worth every penny!

If there is any damage to your fork we will advise on the repair - which could mean returning the fork to the manufacturer for maintenance.

Rear Shock Service - remove air can, clean, inspect, relube. £20.  Shock bushes replaced free as part of a service, plus part.  Damaged shocks have to be sent shock specialist for repair - please ask for quote, typically £90 including wearing parts.

Suspension Frame Pivots - can be examined and replaced as necessary - please ask for price on inspection, typically £20 per pivot bearing replacement inc. the bearing.

Reverb Dropper Remote Bleed - if the return is slow it probably needs bleeding. £20. 

Bicycle Repairs

Clee Cycles can also repair bicycles. Whether it's a puncture, snapped chain, buckled wheel or snapped spoke, we will repair it or replace the broken component. Feel free to drop your bike in, or Contact Us for a quote.

Wheel Repairs

Wheel rim/spoke repairs start at £5 for a quick retension and true, but if in a very bad state - this can take a lot longer so is charged up to £15.  We will be as fair as we can - but your wheels need to be right!

If a spoke has broken, a replacement and retrue costs £15, more spokes will be charged at £3 per spoke.

Rim replacement costs £30 plus the cost of the rim.

Hubs can be serviced at a cost of £15 - includes strip and clean of cup/cones or cartridge bearings, regrease and rebuilt. Advise if bearing replacement is necessary.

Freehub bodies can be replaced free of charge as part of a service, plus cost of part.  Some freehubs can be serviced as part of a hub service - costing £5, we will advise if new are bearings required.

Tubeless tyre set up is £20 per wheel which includes rim tape, valves, sealant and fitting.

Collection and Delivery Service

Clee Cycles also offers a local collection and delivery service, for those who can't bring their bike to the shop. Starting at £5, we will pick your bike up and return it to you at your convenience. To take advantage of this service, just give us a call to arrange a collection time.

Custom Bike Builds

Clee Cycles can custom build a bicycle to your specification. Check out our Custom Bike Build page.

Custom Wheel Builds

Clee Cycles has a great reputation for wheel building and can build wheels to your specification. Check out our Custom Wheel Build page. A single wheel build costs £25 with new parts.

Further Information

If you can't find the information you need on this page, then please Contact Us.

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