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KCNC K3 XC Double

The latest crankset from KCNC featuring KCNC's External Bearing Bottom Bracket (K-type) and new K3 cobweb chainrings.  At 714 g, complete, it's one of the lightest cranksets available! 

Complete with anodised alloy chainring bolts that are also available in Gold, Red, Blue, Green and Silver.

The latest K-type bottom bracket design features full stainless steel replaceable cartridge bearings and a red alloy spacer clamp to remove the axial float of the scandium alloy axle. The crank arms are both removable from the BB axle, but the new design allows the driveside arm and spider to be left on the axle, and the axle to be removed by simply removing the non-driveside arm and sliding out of the BB. The non-driveside arm is supplied with a stainless steel extractor cap.

Available in 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5 mm arm lengths.


  • CNC machined 7075 T7 alloy Blade chainrings ramped and pinned for perfect shifting
  • CNC 7075 alloy spider
  • Patented double hollow design arms 7075AL crank arms
  • 7075 alloy chainring bolts throughout
  • T-7451 scandium alloy bottom bracket axle with replaceable stainless external bearings
  • Fits 68 and 73 mm shells with spacers, and will accept an E-type derailleur on a 73 mm shell
  • M18 extra long cnc’d Sc alloy crank bolts
  • Q-Factor 164 mm


Designed for xc racing / trail riding.

Weighs 714 g on our scales, including bottom bracket and all bolts,washers and pedal washers.

Price Stock

40/27T 175mm 104bcd 4arm

     GBP349.99   GBP349.99 

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