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KCNC Pump Head - Presta Valve for Disc Wheels

Average Rating Average Rating: 2.5 / 5Average Rating: 2.5 / 5

Perfect for the small apertures in disc wheels - the Pump Connector from KCNC fits track pumps and compressor air lines.  The new head is shorter to fit smaller openings - just 32mm, and has a stainless lever which is more durable.  Also the Open/Close lever operates over 65 degrees, rather than the 90 degs of the previous version.

With a sideways clamping lever these are ideal for disc wheels with minimal access to the valve stem. Beautifully made from anodised 7075 alloy and stainless steel with stainless bearings on the clamping lever.  Compressor fit is a plain 8mm stainless tube and jubilee clip.

  • Pump head height 32mm
  • Design for presta (French) valves
  • Chamber: AL7075
  • Spindle: Stainless Steel
  • Bearings: Durable stainless steel balls
  • Seal: 1x rubber
  • Air-compressor pump hose supplied with adjustable stainless steel clamp (jubilee clip)
Price Stock

Pump Connector - Hose Fitting

     GBP35.00   GBP35.00 

    Replacement Rubber Seal

       GBP2.99   GBP2.99 

      Replacement Seal Seat

         GBP2.99   GBP2.99 

        KCNC Pump Connector - Presta Valve 2014 Got this very quick after only 2 days and it's well made fits a corima disc wheel easy "BUT" you will havetoo make the opening to the pump connector bigger with a drill to fit over the valve on a i...
        Rating: 4 / 5
        KCNC Pump Head - Presta Valve for Disc Wheels Very disappointed, it won’t stay on valve properly and if you are able to hold it in place it only works up to about 110psi and then starts to release air out of adapter head. Useless for disk wh...
        Rating: 1 / 5
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