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BMX Cantilever Disc Brake Adapters Disc Brake Pads Disc Brakes
Disc Rotors MTB V-Brakes Road Brakes Road Rim Pads
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Hope 5mm Black Hose - 1m Length
 GBP5.00   GBP5.00 
Hope Shifter Mounts Hope Shifter Mounts
Hope say:- "Our direct shifter mounts are designed to help keep your handlebar setup  looking neat and integrate better ergonomically with the rest of your controls Shifter mount adapters available for both Sram and Shimano Shifter mounts ar...
Tech 3 SRAM - Black Pair
 GBP30.00   GBP30.00 
Tech 3 SRAM RH only
 GBP15.00   GBP15.00 
Hope XCR PRO X2 Brakeset Hope XCR PRO X2 Brakeset
New XC brake from Hope. The XCR Pro lever is the ultimate in lightweight design. With a Carbon lever blade and titanium hardware, combined with an XCR X2 caliper you have the benchmark lightweight brake. See Hope website for full details.
Silver Front RH Post
 GBP250.00   GBP250.00 
Silver Rear LH Post
 GBP250.00   GBP250.00 
Tech 4 V4 - No Rotor Tech 4 V4 - No Rotor
The all new Tech 4 V4 builds on our 25+ years’ experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic brake systems. The Tech 4 uses all new internal sealing for reduced friction and the pivot spins on roller bearings, allowing the spring rate to be r...
Left Hand
 GBP210.00   GBP200.00 
Right Hand
 GBP210.00   GBP200.00 
KCNC X7 Hose Connection Kit KCNC X7 Hose Connection Kit
Kit to shorten hydraulic hoses on KCNC X7 brakes. Includes o-rings, olives, nuts and inserts.
X7 Hose Connection Kit
 GBP14.99   GBP14.99 
Shimano Hydraulic Mineral Oil Bleed Kit
All you need to bleed and maintain your Shimano hydraulic Disc brake system. Kit includes: Shimano hydraulic mineral oil, bleed tube and oil bottle. Shimano recommend that you only use genuine Shimano hydraulic mineral oil in Shimano h...

 GBP11.99   GBP11.99 
KCNC X7 Bleed Kit KCNC X7 Bleed Kit
Kit to bleed KCNC X7 brakes. Includes oil, syringe, bleed screws and spanner
X7 Bleed Kit
 GBP15.99   GBP15.99 
KCNC X7 Hose - White KCNC X7 Hose - White
3m White Replacement hydraulic hose in white for the KCNC X7 brakes. 3m length 5.5mm diameter
X7 Hose - White
 GBP22.99   GBP22.99 
KCNC X7 O-ring Seal Kit
KCNC X7 Brake seal kit.  Includes o-rings, calliper seals, piston seals and reservoir diaphragms.
X7 Seal Kit
 GBP5.99   GBP5.99 
Avid Hydraulic Hose Kit - 2000mm Avid Hydraulic Hose Kit - 2000mm
Contains Hydraulic hose and hose fittings.
Black - XO, Elixir (CR Mag, CR, R, and 5)
 GBP39.99   GBP39.99 
Black - XX, Juicy (Ultimate, 7 and 5)
 GBP39.99   GBP39.99 
White - XX, Juicy (Ultimate, 7, and 5)
 GBP39.99   GBP39.99 
KCNC Stainless Steel Rotor Bolts 6 Pack Torx
Stainless Steel rotor bolts from KCNC M5 x 10mm Torx head pack of 6
6 Pack Torx
 GBP4.99   GBP4.99 
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