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High5 Energy Source 4 :1

EnergySource 4:1 - the ALL IN ONE energy and recovery drink for use during & after training & racing.

EnergySource 4:1 is an advanced ALL-IN-ONE training & recovery drink. It’s designed for use both during and after sport to maximize strength and fitness gains. It contains
4 parts carbohydrate (standard EnergySource) to 1 part whey protein isolate. It’s light, refreshing and exceptionally easy on the stomach. Natural flavours with no colours, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

A carb/protein combination can reduce muscle damage during exercise and increase muscle synthesis post exercise. Less muscle damage and better recovery results in stronger more resilient muscle, lower risk of injury and more rapid fitness gains from your training.

Key features:

  •     Whey protein isolate for muscle growth & repair
  •     2:1 fructose for fast carbohydrate absorption
  •     Exceptionally fast hydration (with key electrolytes)
  •     Very easy on the stomach (lactose free)
  •     Light refreshing taste
  •     The Pro’s choice for maximum training benefits
  •     With natural flavours. Free from artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Available in a 1.6 kg tub or 12 x 50 g sachets.


Price Stock

1.6 kg Tub - Fresh Citrus

     GBP34.99   GBP34.99 

    1.6 kg Tub - Summer Fruits

       GBP34.99   GBP34.99 

      12 x 50 g sachets - Fresh Citrus

         GBP16.99   GBP16.99 

        12 x 50 g sachets - Summer Fruits

           GBP16.99   GBP16.99 

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